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Amsterdam Kirtan Mela 2024

Amsterdam Kirtan Mela 2024 | 11 Hours of Kirtan, Mantra, and Meditation from 10 am - 9pm @ORANJEKERK | Tickets are mandatory | Lunch Feast and Dinner included in Ticket | Parking via P+R is 1 euro for the whole day. Read more below *

We will all assemble at this event in Amsterdam to experience a great and profound Kirtan with kirtaniers like HH Sacinandana Swami Maharaja, Radhika Ranjana, Manu Das & Surabhi from Radhadesh, Ananda Monet, Kavi and Kalindi from Kirtan London, Ramanaji from Paris and many kirtan leaders from the Dutch Yatra's.

See attached the video of Amsterdam Kirtan Mela 2023 joined by more than 300 kirtan lovers over the day. This year we are again privileged with the amazing location @ the Oranjekerk in the South of Amsterdam.

The tickets are used to cover all costs of the non-profit event like renting the venue at Oranjekerk, vegetarian/vegan friendly food, travel cost of the kirtaniers across the world, sound system, flowers and decorations, outreach cost and more. Any additional revenue will be used for Amsterdam Kirtan Mela 2025 and beyond.

Tickets are as follows:

  • 25 euro for General Admission for Adults = Early Bird Ticket only for the first 200 tickets and/or until 31 March 2023
  • 30 euro for General Admission after 200 tickets or after 31 March 2023
  • 50 euro for Generous Admission for Adults (including special gift from Maharaja)
  • 60 euro for Group of 4 people (family of 2 parents and 2 children up to 17 year old)
  • 5 euro for Additional Children up to 17 years old

For additional donations to support this event and the non-profit Kirtan Amsterdam movement, please order a Generous Ticket (50 euro). Thank you very much for your tickets & kind donations making this event possible this year and in the future! Hare Krishna!

Travel by car: * Parking P+R is ONLY 1 euro for the whole day after using public transport to Metro Station 'de Pijp'.

Travel by public transport / metro: Please travel to Metro Station 'de Pijp'. From here it's 5 min walk to Oranjekerk.

All information will be provided as an update on:

Look forward to chanting the Holy Names together on this amazing event with you!

Hare Krishna,

The Organization Team of Amsterdam Kirtan Mela