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Amsterdam Kirtan Mela 2023


13 May 2023 | 10 am – 9pm | ORANJEKERK | Tweede van der Helststraat 1-3, 1073 TK Amsterdam | Entrance, Lunch Feast and Dinner Prasadam included in Ticket | Please get your tickets via Eventbrite | Capacity for 400 people maximum | Full is Full

We will all assemble at this event in Amsterdam to experience a great and profound Kirtan with kirtaniers like HH Sacinandana Swami Maharaja, Radhika Ranjana, Manu Das & Surabhi from Radhadesh, Ramanaji Das from Paris, kirtan leaders from all the Dutch Yatra’s and more amazing kirtaniers to be confirmed.

See the picture below from the first Amsterdam Kirtan Mela 2022 in Oranjekerk joined by more than 300 kirtan lovers during the day. We have an amazing location with the Oranjekerk in the South of Amsterdam. The space gives us the ability to celebrate kirtan with 400 attendees as a maximum on the same time. Please get your tickets before Full is Full.

The tickets are used to cover all costs of the non-profit event like renting the venue at Oranjekerk, Prasadam (offered vegetarian food), travel cost of the kirtaniers across the world, sound system, flowers and decorations, marketing cost and more.

For additional donations to support this event and the non-profit Kirtan Amsterdam movement, please order a Generous Ticket (30, 50 or 108 euro) + special gift or go to the ISKCON Amsterdam Donate Page and donate!! Thank you very much for your tickets & kind donations making this event possible this year and in the future! Hare Krishna!

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Look forward to chanting the Holy Names together on this amazing event with you!

Hare Krishna,

The Organization Team of Amsterdam Kirtan Mela